Toddler boxes from Cosmos Party Toys

Welcome to Cosmos Party Boxes!

We are a family run business that was set up because I was trying to find birthday party supplies for both my little 2 year old and my Mum’s 60th birthday. I found that I had to source things all over the place, which took ages, and even then I forgot the gas for the balloons! This gave me the idea to have everything delivered in a box .

Also by using Cosmos & having your party delivered, we are helping with our carbon footprint. One click, one delivery. We don’t use plastic to pack our boxes we recycle newspapers and shred them and use them to pack. You can then use them to compost or to light your fire. We try to use the least amount of plastic possible.

So make your life easier and sit back and relax and with a few clicks your party is all ready in a box.

Best wishes,