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  • Mermaid-money-box-from party-boxes

    Mermaid Crafty Box

    This Mermaid is a great favourite as a Crafty Party idea supplied with paint and paint brushes.Our paint is fast drying so guests can take them home dry. Takes  about an hour a great distraction, or calming effect at the end of your party.Or a good way to pass a rainy afternoon with friends.

  • Mermaid-money-box-tv-from-Cosmos-party-supplies

    Mermaid Crafty Ones Box

    This sweet Mermaid money box is a great favourite. It comes in a personalised box with fast drying paints, glitter and brush included. A lovely gift or just a nice way to spend a rainy afternoon.

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    Mermaid Pass the Parcel

    Add a pass-the parcel game to your party.

    One large prize, one mini-prize per layer (one layer for each of the party size selected.

    We will match party prizes and paper to the theme you’ve selected.